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Cut off content within “In the news” card
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Text that spans to 4 lines is cut off at the bottom, this needs to be fixed before release:

Screenshot_20201120-133352.png (2×1 px, 950 KB)

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Still showing up on my end:

Screenshot_20201123-160014.png (2×1 px, 368 KB)

How to reproduce:

  1. Set German as one of the languages
  2. Check out the “In the news” card in German (“In den Nachrichten”)
  3. Swipe to last card in the carousel stack
  4. Swipe back to first card in the carousel stack

Actual behavior:

  • Content is cut off (4 lines)

Expected behavior:

  • Content fits perfectly is not cut off.

Check out the video below. It seems like the card is somehow changing its size under certain circumstances:

CC @cooltey @Sharvaniharan @Dbrant


*Not a release blocker but* the height of the card changes when swiping through the stack, this is suboptimal. Can we increase the height of the card from the beginning so there’s no adaptation in height when swiping to the other cards in the stack? THX

Height comparison:

Group 2.png (2×2 px, 1 MB)


As discussed on the call, this is currently designed to allow news cards to have different heights, with a minor jump between them. We can try a more optimal solution by trying one of the two:

  • increase height and have a fixed height, so it can accommodate 4 lines of text[max] on all types of devices [less preferred ]
  • Or, search for ways to avoid the minor jump.

Since this will need some trials, and is a minor matter, will be moving this to UX backlog.

The easiest way of fixing this is by changing the minimum card height to 300dp. The current one is 288dp, which still causes a minor jump when swiping to the 4 lines of content card.

@schoenbaechler Please let me know if it makes sense to you.

ABorbaWMF added a subscriber: ABorbaWMF.

Appears to be fixed on 2.7.50365-r-2021-07-13

I tried several different languages