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Search relevance order is unexpected
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Searching for several words returns the results in random order instead of sorted by relevance. For example:

  1.Орден+"Святого+Марка"&title=Служебная:Поиск&profile=advanced&fulltext=1&advancedSearch-current={}&ns0=1 Searching for Орден "Святого Марка" returns the page Орден Святого Марка third instead of first as I would've expected since it is the most relevant result. It also returns the page Награды Египта (which also contains this exact sequence -- Орден Святого Марка) close to the end of the 1st page.
  2.Орден+Святого+Марка&title=Служебная:Поиск&profile=advanced&fulltext=1&advancedSearch-current={}&ns0=1 Searching for Орден Святого Марка (no quotation marks) does return the page Орден Святого Марка first but it doesn't return Награды Египта on the 1st page at all -- again, despite containing the very sequence that is searched for.

My search settings are set to default so it's what most users get.

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Gehel renamed this task from Search relevance order is broken to Search relevance order is unexpected.Nov 23 2020, 4:24 PM
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What's the priority on this issue? The search still returns irrelevant results. It makes my life as a de-orphaner much more difficult than it should've been.

The priority is low as nobody has worked on this so far...