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Add new queue settings for email-preferences
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Add a new queue to config/main.yaml and Tests/data/test_global.yaml

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@Dwisehaupt or @Jgreen - could one of you please update templates/smashpig/main.yaml.erb with the extra couple lines I pasted into the copy in my own homedir on frpm? We're just adding connection info for one more queue name to the global SmashPig settings.

--- a/modules/fundraising/templates/smashpig/main.yaml.erb
+++ b/modules/fundraising/templates/smashpig/main.yaml.erb
@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@ data-store:
         <<: *REDIS
+    email-preferences:
+        <<: *REDIS
         <<: *REDIS

err, or that new one could go below donations to maintain alphabeticity, if you want!

Added in the config for smashpig/main.yaml.erb and added it to the redis_collector for gathering stats.

commit 209ddd6fef58652e6cdaacbc5c4bab19e86aee1e (HEAD -> master)
Author: Dallas Wisehaupt <>
Date:   Tue Apr 27 19:15:04 2021 +0000

    Add email-preferences queue to redis collector
    Collect metrics on the soon to be used email-preferences in the redis
    Bug: T268512
commit a9e360c892a3b63ffe1b895e6101c3ae194eccfa
Author: Dallas Wisehaupt <>
Date:   Tue Apr 27 19:11:30 2021 +0000

    Add in email-preferences queue settings for redis
    Bug: T268512
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