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Review 2021 Community Wishlist Survey
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This task is about reviewing the Editing-related 2021 Community Wishlist Survey responses and documenting, as comments, wishes that could be technically difficult/complex/impractical to implement in VE.


The "Editing-related" responses needing review can be found here:


Ideally, this task is completed by Friday, 4-December-2020.

2021 survey proposals that would be technically complex to implement

Thank you @Esanders for identifying these.

Wishlist itemComment
Citations/Integrate Template:Sfn into the visual editorVery complex; WMDE may be looking into this.
Automatic visual editing of spanned templatesProbably requires substantial Parsoid work.
Editing/Allow table columns and rows to be freely movable in the Visual EditorThis would likely be difficult for non-VE engineers to implement.
Editing templates recursivelyProbably requires lots of Parsoid work.
Citations/Allow editors to identify the specific text that is supported by a citationHard to do while supporting visual editing.

Existing issues that surfaced in the 2021 survey

Thank you @Esanders for mapping these connections.


  • For all VE-related wishes that would be technically difficult/complex/impractical to implement, comments have been added to said wishes explaining said difficulty/complexity/impracticality.

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