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🎬 desktop-de-18 | Non-specific ask amount | ⏰ Nov 26th
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We want to test the effect of replacing the ask amount to a non-specific one. The banners are based on the control banner of desktop-de-17.

Acceptance Criteria

  • In the variant banner, the sentence "Doch schon mit einer Spende von 5 € kann Wikipedia sich auch in Zukunft erfolgreich entwickeln.” is replaced by "Doch schon mit einem kleinen Beitrag kann Wikipedia sich auch in Zukunft erfolgreich entwickeln."
  • Banners have the same height.

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Thanks, @CorinnaHillebrand_WMDE!

Both banners let the close button overlap the text when the form is below. Apart from that, the banners look good.

@kai.nissen I added a sufficient right margin for viewports <1300px (below form)

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