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Convert existing revert notifications to push notifications
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As a first step towards supporting Echo notifications fully, we need to convert our existing polling system for Wikidata reverts to use the new push notification infrastructure. The user experience should remain unchanged.

For the notifications UX you can refer to the original implementation here: T203167
For context on description editing generally, and revert biz logic, see here: T193691

For more on the service/APNS bridging see here: T252837
For prototype iOS push client see here: T252691

Additional push notifications documentation:

Note that this requires slightly different implementation for English compared to all other languages (which use Wikidata). It may be helpful to review/implement this ticket in combination with the API migration for English description editing: T257867

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The work on this ticket so far has served as an exploratory spike to determine the bounds of what's possible with notifications on iOS and a proposed strategy for supporting the new Echo notifications push work.

The current plan:

  1. App receives a generic visible alert push notification when something notification worthy happens (with no indication about what has actually happened – just a generic "checkEchoV1" message)
  2. App makes API request to get new unread notifications, diffs against current notifications, and updates the generic visible push notification message ("checkEchoV1" to "Your edit have been reverted" etc.)
  3. Some of these notifications may also have custom button actions associated with them, allowing the user to long press the iOS notification and tap a button to directly link to a relevant section of the app or web
  4. When the user taps the iOS notification or custom notification buttons, we will either deep link them into a specific section of the app, or send them to the forthcoming Notification Center in the app, which sequentially collects all the users notifications

Proposed implementation work will come in new tickets.

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