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Unable to upload media files in talk pages of write-protected pages.
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  1. Problem: Actually, unable to copy-paste media(image) files. I am providing a screen record.
  1. How to reproduce it:

    A) Copy an image

    B) Open a write-protected Wikipedia page (at least, write-protected for you)

    C) Open the talk page of that page

    D) Click on New section

    E) Paste the image you copied

    F) A popup window would open titled Media settings asking you if the media is your own work

    G) When the checkbox is checked, it would ask for Name, Description, and Category

    H) Click on Save
  1. Expected behaviour:

    A) The media would upload.
  1. Actual behaviour:

    A) An error message popup will say: This page is currently protected, and can be edited only by administrators.

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Adding project as an actual project

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The attached video shows the upload dialog (, not UploadWizard.

@Seeker220 I think this is the expected behavior, and it's not related to being on a talk page of a protected page.

You got the error because you tried to upload the file with the name "Image.png", and is protected to prevent people from uploading files with that name. If you fill in a different name in the "Name" input field, everything should work.

The text of the error message is not part of the software; it's defined on-wiki at You could probably request changes to it on the talk page there if it's unclear.

Closing per previous comment, please reopen if I've misunderstood something.

Thanks for your kind help😁😇😊