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Translate uses Elastica's Match class
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Similar to T268861: CirrusSearch uses Elastica's Match class and T268862: Update use of css-sanitizers Match class; Translate uses Elastica's Match class in ElasticSearchTTMServer

I note the MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle/translate support here might be a problem.

The replacement MatchQuery class is now in master, and backported to 1.35.... But it's not in 1.34 (of Elastica); but that is EOL for most purposes.

We could just backport rEELA290255cc67b0: Update ruflin/elastica to 6.1.1 and then rEELA65ac9f8baa7b: Updating ruflin/elastica (6.1.1 => 6.1.3) to 1.34 if it's needed..

Or if the next release of MLEB is going to require MW >= 1.35, we don't need to worry about this anyway

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Looking at the expected release date for 1.36 (May), the next MLEB (April) will still support 1.34.