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Wikidocumentaries wiki is down
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Can I get support for finding out if the reason is dependent on the Wikimedia infrastructure changes or if I need to find the cause in the project's settings or resources.

I have marked the project as "In use" in the Cloud VPS 2020 Purge. I noticed the purge threat only after the service had been unavailable.

The Wikidocumentaries project is currently not in a dev sprint, and there are no active developers working on it, therefore I may be asking help for rather elementary technical questions.

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Hi @Susannaanas I can see the project resources here:

I checked the 2 VMs defined in the project, and both are up and running:


However, from the several domains proxies defined for it, I could only find this one as working:

the rest return HTTP 502 bad gateway. I guess the VMs need some maintenance. So I suspect this is due to project internal configuration rather than infrastructure changes on our side.

Thank you very much for replying! I will get my hands dirty with learning the configurations needed.