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Wikidata `#suggestededit-add` tag should only be added for SE not app edits
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The Wikidata tag #suggestededit-add shows up when a description has been edited in the app whether this was a suggested edit (only for items missing descriptions) or normal edit of an existing description that happened to take place in the app.


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Wikidata tag #suggestededit-add tag should only be added for SE not app edits.

per @Johan’s flag on Slack

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LGoto triaged this task as Medium priority.Nov 30 2020, 5:07 PM

Note: this should be fixed as of today's uptate.

Does the problem got fixed...?

Is the WD tag '#suggestededit-add' and '#Suggested Edit edit' are similar one or different one?

Here a two diff edits by a user; One is tagged with '#suggestededit-add' tag and another one without '#suggestededit-add'.
In both the user has changed the short description into long one. Is it possible to limit this for only items missing descriptions as well as a warning before publishing long description as well.

Yes, this is done: edits that have the #suggestededit-add keyword come from the Suggested Edits feature, and edits that don't have the keyword come from regular organic editing of articles.

We do also show a warning when the description exceeds 250 characters, although we still don't prevent it from being submitted.