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Add edit notice element to New Discussion Tool
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This task is about implementing a standardized "edit notice" [i] component within the New Discussion Tool's UI.



  • Tools: New Discussion Tool
  • Platforms: Desktop and Mobile


  • As a Junior or Senior Contributor who has opened the New Discussion Tool on desktop or mobile, I want to know what – if any – instructions /guidelines I should consider before starting a new discussion topic on a talk page.


There are four kinds of edit notices that can appear within the context of talk pages:

  1. Individual talk pages can contain page-specific messages people see when they click Edit. These messages are defined via the MediaWiki:Editnotice-N-Title user interface message.
  2. All talk pages within a given namespace can also contain the same message people see when they click Edit on a page within said namespace. These messages are defined via the MediaWiki:Editnotice-N user interface message.
  3. All talk pages, within any talk namespace [ii], can also contain the same message people see when they click Edit on a page within a talk namespace. This message is defined via the MediaWiki:Talkpagetext user interface message.
  4. All talk pages that have not yet been created can contain a generic message people see when they click Edit on a page that does not currently exist. This message is defined via the MediaWiki:Newarticletext user interface message.

This task is about creating a UI "component" that will appear when someone opens the New Discussion Tool on a page that has at least one of the three edit notice user interface messages above defined.

Open questions

ii. Any namespace which has odd namespace number (1=Talk, 3=User talk etc.).

Event Timeline

Regarding 'talkpagetext': I think we shouldn't display this message. I had a look at the overrides on Wikimedia wikis, and all of them are mostly about signing your comments with ~~~~ (and some even include an image of the signature button in the old wikitext editor toolbar).

If folks want to have a link to (or similar pages) above the tool, then we should introduce a new message to allow this. I'm a little surprised that no one has requested this for the reply tool yet. (Maybe that help page isn't as useful there, since most of it is actually about guidelines on using wikitext and the wikitext editor, but I imagine folks will want to have a link to something.)

A few representative examples:

Full list:

af.wikipedia ar.wikipedia az.wikipedia bg.wikipedia bg.wikiquote bn.wikipedia bs.wikipedia ca.wikipedia ca.wikibooks ca.wikiquote ce.wikipedia ckb.wikipedia cs.wikipedia de.wikibooks diq.wikipedia el.wikipedia en.wikipedia en.wikibooks en.wikinews en.wikiversity en.wiktionary es.wikipedia es.wikinews es.wikiquote es.wikiversity et.wikipedia fa.wikipedia fa.wikiquote fi.wikipedia fi.wikiquote fr.wikipedia fr.wikibooks fr.wikinews gag.wikipedia gl.wikipedia gl.wikibooks gl.wikiquote gl.wikisource gu.wikipedia ha.wikipedia he.wikipedia he.wikibooks he.wikinews he.wikisource hi.wikipedia hr.wikipedia ilo.wikipedia is.wikipedia is.wikibooks is.wikiquote it.wikivoyage ja.wikipedia ja.wikibooks ja.wikinews ja.wiktionary kk.wikipedia km.wikipedia km.wiktionary ko.wikipedia ko.wikibooks ko.wikisource ko.wiktionary krc.wikipedia ksh.wikipedia la.wikipedia lv.wikipedia my.wikipedia ne.wikipedia nn.wikipedia no.wikinews oc.wikipedia pa.wiktionary pl.wikinews pms.wikipedia pnb.wikipedia ps.wikipedia ro.wikipedia ro.wikiquote ru.wikipedia ru.wikinews se.wikipedia simple.wikipedia simple.wikiquote simple.wiktionary sl.wikipedia sq.wikinews sr.wikipedia sr.wikiquote sr.wikisource th.wikipedia th.wikibooks th.wikiquote th.wiktionary tr.wikipedia tr.wikibooks tr.wikinews tr.wiktionary ur.wikipedia ur.wikiquote vi.wikipedia vi.wiktionary yi.wikipedia zh-yue.wikipedia zh.wikipedia zh.wikibooks zh.wikinews zh.wikiquote zh.wikisource zh.wiktionary

Change 649944 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński; owner: Bartosz Dziewoński):
[mediawiki/extensions/DiscussionTools@master] Show edit notices in the reply tool (and new discussion tool)

Thanks for doing that research @matmarex
I agree an wonder if we need it on the message level of the page as opposed to the page frame. cc @ppelberg

We can search for overridden messages with global search tool:

161 wikis (including sister projects)

Notes from today's standup
As we discussed during today's standup meeting, this task cannot be worked on until the newly-created T270454 is resolved.

I dusted off my patch from December, and set up the demo wiki linked above. For testing, I imported the edit notice from to (it's particularly bad).

I'm not sure what the next steps here are. Are we prioritizing this now?

The patch is also showing the notice in the reply tool, which I don't think is asked for in the task (nor do I think it is a good idea).