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An incomplete Renameuser job has made the Revision table inconsistent
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I am [[w:ja:User:Kanjy]], a Bureaucrat at Japanese Wikipedia. Last month I changed username of a user who made about 10,900 contributions, as per requested. Although most of his contributions moved to the new username within a day, 500 edits are still with his old username. In the Revision table of the database, the "rev_user_text" field of the 500 revisions are not updated yet.

Could anyone fix this inconsistency in the Revision table?

The user id: 36207
The new username: Pastern

The old username: 廉

Thank you.

  • w:ja:User:Kanjy

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Has this been fixed yet?

I've run a script to move these edits. Please check to see that things look correct and let me know.

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