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Support more CSS properties / rules in css-sanitizer
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This is a tracking task for expanding the grammar.

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Tgr created this task.Nov 30 2020, 9:12 PM
Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptNov 30 2020, 9:12 PM

Which actual planning/organizing problem does this tracking task solve, which outweighs the need to have someone watch incoming css-sanitizer tasks and remember this task to add them as subtasks?

How does this umbrella task provide any value independent of its subtasks?

Tgr added a comment.Wed, Jan 6, 10:21 PM

Do tracking tasks provide any value independent of the subtasks they track? To me the name kind of implies that the value is in the act of tracking, ie. being able to categorize those tasks.

Do tracking tasks provide any value independent of the subtasks they track?

@Tgr: As tracking tasks in Bugzilla were what projects are in Phab, projects allow categorizing tasks related to the same codebase or scope. Tasks have a status field, so tasks should have criteria when they could be considered resolved. See also
Do you think there is a need for a "More css properties / rules" subproject under css-sanitizer as you seem to see a need for categorization?

Izno added a subscriber: Izno.Thu, Jan 7, 12:38 PM

I honestly don't think this task is needed for the purposes of tracking. There are only a dozen tasks in css-sanitizer and its job should almost exclusively be "add new CSS support" given the fairly successful rollout of the primary-using extension, which is TemplateStyles. All the tasks tracked by this one are also in this project. I do think one or two could maybe stand to have a few other projects. I almost feel like css-sanitizer should be a subproject of TemplateStyles; is it used elsewhere (should it be?)?

What could maybe be done with this task is to get it assigned to the patch tgr identified in T268955#6657404 and then either flip the dependencies on this task to parents rather than children, or if the megapatch doesn't yet include some functionality identified, potentially break the link.

Izno added a comment.Thu, Jan 7, 12:39 PM

If we really think there is a need to track these otherwise, a "(New) Properties Backlog" column on css-sanitizer would also do.