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mw1304.mgmt down
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Icinga says the mgmt interface of mw1304 is down since about 2.5 days:

PING CRITICAL - Packet loss = 100%

please check cable and DRAC

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Dzahn created this task.Nov 30 2020, 11:12 PM
Cmjohnson added subscribers: Jclark-ctr, Cmjohnson.

okay, it may not be the cable at all, it may very need to be powered off and back on. Assigning to @Jclark-ctr to try replacing the green mgmt cable first.

Jclark-ctr closed this task as Resolved.Dec 3 2020, 12:10 PM

replaced mgmt cable. error cleared in icinga

Dzahn awarded a token.Dec 3 2020, 2:43 PM