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Ensure the section edited is contained within the mobile edit summary
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This task is about making it so the section you edit on mobile is automatically included in the edit summary that accompanies said edit.


T258832 makes it so when you switch from editing a section of a page on mobile in wikitext, to editing the entire page [by switching to Visual editing and then switching back to Source editing], the automatic edit summary that accompanies said edit does not contain the name of the section you made the first change within despite having made no other changes to the page. See demonstration in .

This task about revising this logic in scenario described in the ===Behavior section below.


TBD: see ===Open questions below. My instinct: considering the edit summary is used to help, "...others to understand the intention of your edit." (source) it seems that the section name be automatically included in the edit summary of any edit where it is unambiguous that a single section was changed.

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