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Wikipedia and education meeting on strategy recommendations
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"The Wikipedia & Education User Group invites you to our next Open Meeting,
Tuesday, December 1, at 17:00 UTC (check your time zone here: The focus of the meeting will
be gathering the Wikipedia & Education community's input on the Movement

You may have already participated in a conversation with another community
about the strategy; please join our meeting anyway to discuss how the
strategy particularly connects to education work in our movement.

If you're not already familiar with the Movement Strategy, please review
the recommendations before the meeting:

Please come prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. Think about the recommendations and the work you’re already doing. What

are you working on that is aligned with Movement Strategy?

  1. Think about your needs and the work that you would like to be doing.

Which recommendations are important for your community’s future?

  1. From the discussed recommendations, which actions and changes will make

a difference and respond to your needs?

  1. To work on implementing these initiatives, what human capacity and/or

financial resources do you need?

  1. In your opinion, which recommendation(s) require global coordination?"

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