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Cyrillic letter Palochka is missing from the Special Characters in the Enhanced Toolbar
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Several languages need to use the letter [[Palochka]]: "Ӏ". It is similar in appearance to an uppercase Latin "I" and to the Ukrainian "І", but it is a distinct character. The languages that need it are Chechen, Ingush, Adyghe, Kabardian, Avar and several others.

These languages are mostly used in Russia. The letter is not well-supported on the keyboards that are currently used there. Instead of it the number 1 or the Latin letter I is used, but this is incorrect and creates other problems.

It is important to add it to the Enhanced Toolbar. I think that it doesn't appear there now. Strangely, the letter İ appears there, and if i am not mistaken, it is not even Cyrillic. If i am right, then it should probably be removed.

Palochka is usually written as a capital letter, no matter where it appears in the word. For example, it appears in the middle of the Kabardian word зыщӀу. The capital Palochka is number 04C0 in Unicode. There's also a small Palochka at 04CF, but i'm not sure that it is currently needed in the toolbar.

Thank you.

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Fixed in r71518. Needs deployment.