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issue on publishing translation for a section with an empty title
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issue on publishing translation on section translation:
1-start a translation of the vlasovite article
2-select the section "structure"
3-edit the translation of the title
4-delete the whole word and save the translation
5-click "Done"
6-click the confirm button

  • Actual result

we get this error

image.png (386×458 px, 27 KB)

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Just to confirm. This example is about publishing a translation where only the title of the section has been translated but the contents of the section remain empty, right?

I see two possible paths forward: (a) add some empty html element behind the scenes to avoid the error or (b) don't enable publishing until some contents in the body of the section have been added.

I'm more inclined to try (a) first since it is less restrictive. I don't think many would try to create sections with an empty body, but if they really want to translate only the titles I don't see why the tool has to get in the way without a good reason.

Reading it again. It seems I may have misinterpret the "delete the whole word" part of point 4. It seems this is for a section published with an empty title.
I'd expect the title to be mandatory. If a title is deleted we need to check whether (a) showing an error that disables the "Done!" action or (b) falling back to the source title is preferred.

Pginer-WMF renamed this task from issue on publishing translation on section translation to issue on publishing translation for a section with an empty title.Dec 7 2020, 8:55 AM