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Logs are not sent if wiki throws "Uncaught ExtensionDependencyError"
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We recently moved to use Graylog for our logging using wgMWLoggerDefaultSpi. Here's our configuration

For some reason when a wiki throws "Uncaught ExtensionDependencyError", we are not seeing it send the logs.

Are we missing a config or something? I don't think this should be expected behaviour.

We use MediaWiki 1.35 and php 7.3.

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I'm presuming the issue is that it's uncaught... And if it's indeed "uncaught", there's no way the log handlers are going to pick up on it

Tagging MediaWiki-Configuration as the exception is presumably coming from ExtensionRegistry

The only place I can see trapping ExtensionDependencyError is checkDependencies.php.

Maybe Setup.php should be wrapping ExtensionRegistry::getInstance()->loadFromQueue(); with a try/catch and put in some sort of error handling (or more likely, output/display of said error)