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Compatibility of browsers in unsupported Windows 7
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I early this year raised concerns about browsers for Windows 7, which Microsoft no longer has supported since (unless you count Extended Security Updates?). The further response early this year saying that browsers in Win 7 receive basic support (grade C) rather than modern support (grade A) and will be "grade X" browsers by the end of companies' support for their browsers in Win 7 (e.g. Google will end support for Chrome on Win 7 in January 2022). I have wondered where the direction heading to, especially in light of T258993

Are specific versions of browsers generally well supported, regardless of an operating system? The "Compatibility" page in doesn't mention any operating system, but the responses I received said otherwise. How long will the final versions of browsers for Windows 7 receive "basic support" (grade C) when establishments like Google and Mozilla end their support for their browsers on Windows 7? How would this task also affect browsers in other unsupported (versions of) operating systems? Eight to nine percent of Wikimedia users still use Windows 7 to this date, which is higher than using either Chrome OS or Linux. Must Win7 users migrate to other latest OSes to receive further support for the browsers?

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Hi @gh87. This does not sound like an feature request, software bug or task to plan work, but instead like a support question. Wikimedia Phabricator is for actionable tasks. Please ask on the talk page, or on the wikitech-l@ mailing list. Thanks for your understanding.

(Also, for anyone potentially running into this: Browser compatibility does not focus on operating system versions, but on browsers.)