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Bot uses "dead-url" instead of "deadlink" [ruwiki]
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[[Y: InternetArchiveBot | InternetArchiveBot]] adds the wrong parameter to the cite web template: dead-url = instead of: deadlink =, which leads to the page falling into the category: Wikipedia: Articles with incorrect use of templates: Cite web (invalid parameter specified). Here's an example of it`s recent edit:,_1972)&type=revision&diffmode=source

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Gerarus triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 6 2020, 2:12 PM

IABot reads the configuration values of the CS1 module that drives the Cite Web template and related templates. dead-url and deadurl are valid parameters according to the configuration.

Under Модуль:Citation/CS1/Configuration I suggest changing the snippet below to have ‘deadlink’ come first in that list. IABot uses the first choice on that list as its default.

['DeadURL'] = {'dead-url', 'deadurl', 'deadlink'}

Adjust these settings for IABot, please.

I don’t have access to your Citation module on ruwiki. A local sysop will need to make the changes.

Unfortunately, this is beyond my own capabilities, but I'll think about which of the participants of the Russian Wikipedia to contact with this.

Harej renamed this task from The wrong parameter to the cite web template to Bot uses "dead-url" instead of "deadlink" [ruwiki].Mar 2 2021, 9:49 PM