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Mapping data with Levande Musikarv
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Mapping data for uploading metadata about musical works.

Levande Musikarv mapping.jpg (1×1 px, 202 KB)

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An example in Wikidata (for Sinfonia à 6 B-dur op 1:4) that could stand as a model for the upload:

Been in discussion with S.Ö at Levande musikarv about how we can arrange the upload.

We now have a file with the musical works from Levande musikarv, so next step is reconciliation with OpenRefine :

Connected to T273410 – use the sheet with musical works from Levande musikarv as an example.

This comment has been deleted.

5307 items of 6200 are now uploaded:

Next step is to find, add and edit the missing 900 items. Also to check for duplicates and perhaps merge some items. This can preferable be done via OpenRefine (or Quickstatement).

Done. See: (there have been a change in Wikidata - this link obsolete)

New Short link:

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