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[EPIC] Docker deprecation as a container runtime enginer for kubernetes.
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This is an early umbrella task for deprecating and replacing Docker as a Container Runtime Engine for Wikimedia production kubernetes clusters

Per [1] with the release that is due for September 2021 (assuming that happens as planned), Docker will no longer be usable as a Container Runtime Engine for vanilla Kubernetes. And that's it. All other usages of Docker remain unchanged.

Given the support cycle of 12 months after a release is out, that gives us something less than 2 years for having evaluated the available replacements, settled on one, drafted and implemented a migration plan.

Below is the announcement in its entirety


If you haven't seen the discussions around $SUBJECT, please see [1] and [2]. Tl;dr Please evaluate and switch to CRI implementations that are or will be available in the community (like containerd, cri-o etc).

For those who want to continue to use docker as their runtime, please see [3] and [4]. There will be changes to how you deploy/run your clusters as and when Mirantis/Docker folks come up with a migration plan for a separate (new!) external cri implementation. So watch that space.

Issues, concerns, we can chat in sig-node slack channel or meetings (or drop a reply to this note).



Davanum Srinivas ::

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