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Book editor panel must not use #siteNotice wrapper
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Book editor panel must not use #siteNotice wrapper.

  • It semantically does not belong there. #siteNotice is for site notices. Not for other things. Create new sibling after #siteNotice instead.
  • Lot of people turn off all notices by using display:none for #siteNotice which disables the panel.
  • Such wrapper has random styling on local wikis which may override default settings of the panel.

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Severity: enhancement



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johannes.beigel wrote:

We're actually using the hook SiteNoticeAfter to render that box, so the #siteNotice ID is inserted by core MediaWiki code. Any ideas what we could use instead?

roland wrote:

This also causes trouble with
If both are enabled and the current SiteNotice was disabled per click, the book editor panel is completely missing.

roland wrote:

Including DismissableSiteNotice before Collection works around the problem for these both extensions, but doesn't solve the main problem.