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Chart data from do not fully specify macOS or Windows versions.
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Apple no longer has given updates to macOS versions older than either 10.13 (High Sierra) or 10.14 (Mojave). However, the charts from do not specify which macOS versions the desktop users use. The only data shown are macOS 10 and macOS 11; we still don't see "10.x" or "11.x". (Off-topic: Specifically, macOS 11.0 is "Big Sur"; I am still awaiting the name for macOS 11.1.) To put it another way, we still don't know which users still use unsupported and supported versions of macOS.

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Thanks for the report @gh87!

I think both this task and T269729 refer to the same fact from the implementation perspective:
We do not report on OS minor versions in (neither on browser minor versions).

We took this decision for privacy reasons. This data set is put together using a privacy threshold,
that anonymizes any bucket (os_family, os_major, browser_family, browser_major) that has less than 0.1% of total traffic.
This measure prevents that this data set is used to determine whether a certain device has accessed Wikipedia during a given time range.
If we added the os_minor version to the bucket definition, the granularity of the data set would grow,
thus reducing the size of the buckets and drastically increasing the long tail of buckets that end up below the threshold.
That would make the data a lot less accurate; the "Other" bucket (which includes everything below the threshold) would grow.

That said, we've had a task in our backlog for a long time T131127, to split the data into 2 tables, one for OS data, and another for browser data.
This would significantly reduce the long tail of buckets under the privacy threshold and reduce the "Other" bucket.
And (maybe) that would allow for us to report on OS minor versions as well as browser minor versions?!

Will merge the other task into this one, and add it as a child of T131127.

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