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Investigate whether we can add a boolean for hasItems
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As trying to count the amount of items in a Wikibase can get tricky for larger Wikibase instances, it was proposed that we might be able send a simple boolean value to indicate whether a wiki has items or not, However this requires investigation and implementation.

If adding this boolean is deemed as a feasible option, it should be added to the data sent along with our pingback in WikibasePingback::getSystemInfo()

Event Timeline

Change 647314 had a related patch set uploaded (by Tonina Zhelyazkova; owner: Tonina Zhelyazkova):
[mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase@master] [WIP] Add hasEntities check

Change 647314 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase@master] Add hasEntities check to wikibase pingback