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Access to delete contributions from civi
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Is it possible to give CID 22806607 access to delete contributions? As of now if they make an error entering a contribution it is zeroed out and we would like for them to be able to completely delete any entry errors from civi.

Thank you!

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@MDemosWMF could you just confirm the username for this person/profile?

@DStrine did you want the user ID or full name of the user?

@MBeat33 currently we have 2 roles

Engage Direct Mail
Engage Management

User 278 has the former role - the latter has the permission to delete contributions.

Should we
a) give the Engage Direct Mail role the permission to delete contributions (applies to all engage staff) or
b) move user 278 to the Engage Management role

Thank you, @Eileenmcnaughton.

@LeanneS, do you have a sense of which would be a better option? If the # of Engage staff using Civi is large and they don't all need this permission, maybe b) makes sense? Or if it would be really helpful for all the Engage people to be able to delete contribs, then I'd say a). In Donor Services we basically never delete contributions, so if recovery from a deletion error is tricky for fr-tech that's worth considering too.

I can also ask @jrobell for her input at tomorrow's meeting as well.

@Eileenmcnaughton I think we can go with option B, moving her to the Engage Management role. Thank you!

@Eileenmcnaughton Thank you! @MDemosWMF Could you ask Breianne to test deleting a zeroed out contribution and let us know if works for her?