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Undesirable results when searching English words on Persian Wikipedia
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It was brought to my attention that the third search result for "data science" in is the suicide methods article (Q-ID). I'd appreciate if you can look into it and fix it.

See a screenshot at F33941442.

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Thanks for letting us know about this. I definitely see why this result is unwanted. Unfortunately, this is an example of the current search system working as intended: a query for data science on Persian Wikipedia is returning results that contain the English terms data and science -- note that searching for "data science" will not return the problematic example.
I will be working with the Search team to address the issue of problematic/undesirable search results more generally as we build out a Search team roadmap, so that we can address the issue more comprehensively in the future instead of trying to address individual edge cases, which is likely not scalable effort.

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