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Amazon unresponsive donation form Dec 2020
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We're seeing donors report unresponsive forms when they use Amazon. As some of these donors report success when switching methods, it makes me think it might not be solely due to firewalls, script blockers and the usual suspects.

We'll continue to triage / request details, but any suggestions appreciated.

dateticketdevice & browser infoextra detailsdonor comment
12/10/2020893046iphone Xs up to date iOS 14.2 “google browser”no firewall, no script blockers. JS?: “I don't use this software”“screen freezes and I get no confirmation”
12/10/2020893022no data yetscreenshot“When I click “Use this payment method” nothing happens??”
12/9/2020891562tried mobile and desktopsucceeded with card cid=26656121“the payment stalled and didn't go through; just remained in limbo processing in perpetuity. I tried this 3 times on 3 separate days with different devices.”
12/9/2020890824no data yetno data yet“I can get to the verifying payment screen and see the verification ping in my bank account but can’t get past that point to actually confirming the charge.”
12/10/2020890607no data yetno data yet“does not work on neither of my devices. It gets stuck on the confirming payment page, with no signs it is loading or working.”
12/10/2020890561no data yetsucceeded via PayPal cid=37520987“I tried to donate twice using Amazon Pay and it didn’t work. It just froze”
12/10/2020892240no data yetno data yet
12/10/2020892192no data yetsucceeded in July via Amazon cid=39307043
12/10/2020892223both IOS iPhone and laptop Windows 10 Chrome“I get 'Confirming payment method.' and I suspect my instance of the app is crashing right there or performing an infinite loop.”

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I just donated on a Mac in firefox and did not see any errors.

Initial testing on this for me is showing some a handful of javascript errors in the console when trying to donate on Chrome Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I was testing with my own UK AMEX card which is being declined due to failing authorisation which I think has something to do with Amazon only being available for US-only donors at the moment. I'm gonna see if I can work around this to get an authorised payment through to confirm these errors still show regardless.

I have inquired with Amazon to see if they experienced any issues yesterday.

helpful tip from @jbolorinos-ctr for triage:
Most browsers will have different levels of javascript blocking, so although it may be the culprit, I dont think it's too likely if the user is able to login to amazon normally on that browser's always helpful to know the browser version and the OS version if possible, because that might also give you more insight into the level of javascript blocking...
for example a linux user running firefox likely has more blocking than a windows user on Chrome

Ok this time the donation went through on my end.

I've attached a screen capture below showing the steps I took and the errors still present but apparently non-blocking in this test.

Hidden amongst the javascript calls was a request out to what looks like an AB testing script, which if related might make it trickier to pindown across users.

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@EMartin @MBeat33 We don't have much more info to help here. It might be related to some browsers or settings. We're really not getting a lot more info from Amazon. Let us know if you hear anything or get more reports.

@DStrine I've looped Amazon in and they report: "We don’t have any reports of an outage yesterday." I sent them some screen shots from DS zen desk tickets to see if they can garner anything from that. Meanwhile, Amazon settled proceeds were higher yesterday by ~25% than the prior day so it doesn't seem to be a widespread issue. I'll update here if I get more from Amazon.

One more ticket from today, which suggests this might have been a longer-term issue: #894391 cid=5767739
I have been attempting to make the contribution via Amazon pay for a couple of weeks. However, the payment verification would just hang and go nowhere. ...It finally went through this morning when I decided to try one more time.

Thanks Michael, Amazon is investigating but no update as yet! I am
pressing them.

Yes, we definitely saw donors reporting Amazon issues before that peak on 12/10.

However, this may be harder to triage now we've switched to endowment, as Amazon is not an option, so we're unlikely to see more of these.