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Provide hooks for 3rd party instrumentation
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Wikipedia Preview partners want to understand how the features are being used by their users. They would like to be able to build instrumentation.

This task is about defining and implementing some sort of "hooks" so partners can build or plug in their own instrumentation when certain events (open, expand, gallery, read more on wiki, etc) are happening.

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SBisson created this task.Dec 11 2020, 2:39 PM
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I'm thinking allowing something like this:

  events: {
    onShow: function(e) {
      // invoked when a preview is shown
    onHide: function(e) {
      // invoked when a preview is hidden
    onExpand: function(e) {
      // invoked when a preview is expanded
    onShowGallery: function(e) {
      // invoked when the gallery is shown
    // whole bunch of other events

Another option is to have a single event callback and describe what is happening using the event object parameter:

  onEvent: function(e) {
    switch (e.type) {
      case: 'show':
      case: 'hide':
      // a whole bunch of possible types

I vote for the first option

  1. events are independence, so the scope can be limited without worrying the onEvent scope.
  2. more native to insert on* single event

Agree the first option seems more aligned with the current codebase