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Bootstrap Tegola vector-tile server with baseline MVT schema from OSM bright
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We would like to start using tegola as a vector tile server in our maps improvement iterations.
For convenience we would like to decouple the stying work and focus on an established style like OSM bright.

Acceptance criteria
  • Tegola instance is running in our beta cluster using docker
  • Tegola instance is connected to a PostGIS server bootstrapped with OSM data
  • We can query a tegola endpoint for vector tiles with a schema compatible with OSM bright

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Not totally sure about the best fit here vs Beta, but you might also
consider using the 'staging' k8s cluster.

The tegola server is up, running in the instance and can be accessed at

The tegola configuration can be accessed and changed at maps/spikes/config/maps-tile-server01.toml

Currently, Tegola is applying the same queries of our production style, and accessing a database created with a small portion of the data using the procedures present for imposm3 engine.