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Change names of Babel categories for French Wiktionary
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There was a community consultation to change Babel categories names to something less cryptic on French Wiktionary.

Categories are currently defined as:

'frwiktionary' => [
  '0' => 'Utilisateurs %code%-0',
  '1' => 'Utilisateurs %code%-1',
  '2' => 'Utilisateurs %code%-2',
  '3' => 'Utilisateurs %code%-3',
  '4' => 'Utilisateurs %code%-4',
  '5' => false,
  'N' => 'Utilisateurs %code%-M',

We would like them to be renamed as:

'frwiktionary' => [
  '0' => 'Personnes ne parlant pas %wikiname% mais s’y intéressant',
  '1' => 'Personnes ayant un niveau débutant en %wikiname%',
  '2' => 'Personnes ayant un niveau intermédiaire en %wikiname%',
  '3' => 'Personnes ayant un niveau avancé en %wikiname%',
  '4' => 'Personnes ayant un niveau très avancé en %wikiname%',
  '5' => false,
  'N' => 'Personnes parlant nativement en %wikiname%',


Event Timeline

Darmo117 created this task.Dec 15 2020, 2:30 PM

@Aklapper Hi, sorry to notify you, but this request looks like it has been forgotten. Do we do something wrong when we create the task? Thanks! :)

@Lepticed7: Hi, anyone can volunteer to work on this task (or not). If you yourself are curious and want to try making this configuration change yourself, please follow and give it a try in InitialiseSettings.php! Thanks.

@Aklapper: Oh! I didn’t know I can volunteer here. I will try to do it myself this weekend. Thanks! :)