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Watchlist Expiry: watch period not being preserved when clicking on preview/diffs (on older browsers)
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As reported by @PerfektesChaos:

Apparently depending on browser.

  • Firefox works as expected.
  • IE10 has no memory.

I do use old browsers frequently to observe how things are working for people with not most recent equipment.

The wpWatchlistExpiry is bound to <select> but no <option> is present, since unspecific OOUI is used. When marshalling form input into HTTP POST, older systems may rely on traditional elements. Maybe a strategic OOUI problem, but a replacement by vue is envisoned anyway.

Personally I do not use this feature, since I have other (own) tools for dropping watched pages after a while. I just happened to observe this issue when I played to learn about new methodology.

Note: When I tested on Brave/Chrome and Firefox, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue. However, it may be appearing on certain browsers, especially older browsers. I have created this separate ticket, so this issue can be tracked. Since it doesn't seem to happen on updated browsers, especially newer browsers, it's probably lower priority for Community Tech to fix now, but it's good for us to know & perhaps our team or a volunteer developer can fix it in the future. Thanks!

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