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Ambassador discussions on "add an image"
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We've put up a project page on about the potential "add an image" project:

We pinged community members on its talk page to start a discussion there in English. We want the Growth team's ambassadors to start similar discussions on their wikis (Arabic, Czech, Vietnamese, Bengali) so that we can gain the perspectives of other communities.

Here are the recommended steps for ambassadors to follow to start these discussions:

  1. Read over the English project page.
  2. Write a page in your own language, including whichever parts you think are most important for your communities to read. You can translate parts directly, or summarize. I recommend including the screenshot of the prototype and the link to try out the prototype (but please make sure to include that the prototype is for the purposes of testing the algorithm and the judgment of newcomers, more than showing an actual user experience).
  3. Post the page for your communities, and maybe ping people who you think might want to weigh in.
  4. If community members have questions you can answer, please go ahead. Otherwise @Trizek-WMF and @MMiller_WMF can help.
  5. Translate community responses into a document that will be sent separately.

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MMiller_WMF added a subscriber: Ankan_WMF.

Here is the Phabricator task for the community discussions on "add an image".

@Dyolf77_WMF @Urbanecm_WMF -- I think you know enough to get started on this. Please speak up with any questions!

@PPham @Ankan_WMF -- we'll talk about this in our meeting.

Trizek-WMF triaged this task as Medium priority.

Claiming for coordination.

I just marked for translation, so it can be translated by other ambassadors if they want to.

Thank you for posting these messages.
Please update our meetings notes with the replies you received. Then we will sum them up here.

Community feedback translated into the shared document. Let me know if you need anything more from my end.

This work is done, and we've got all the replies from communities.