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Develop approach for how Reply Links should be treated where an entire comment is styled
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This task is about deciding how the [ reply ] links ought to look when the entirety of the comment to which they are appended in wrapped in some kind of tag. E.g. <small></small> tags.


T256033 makes it so [ reply ] links do not inherit the formatting that is applied to the text that appears before it. This task is about deciding whether exceptions should be made to this behavior.

One such exception could be the case where people wrap the entirety of their comments in <small> tags to, presumably, signify to others that they are making a side comment. [i]

Open questions

  • How should [ reply ] links appears in cases where people wrap the entirety of their comments in <small> tags?
  • What – if any – precedents exist for primary affordances/UI components inheriting "local" styling?
  • What – if any – changes should be made to the approach T256033 implements


  • All ===Open questions are answered

i. See the example @Esanders shared in T256033#6640799:

Observe how people have wrapped their entire comments in small tags