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WMDE Mitmachen-Bereich 2021
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We did a relaunch of the Mitmachen-Bereich (Get Involved Area) on the WMDE-Homepage. Users find information about the projects Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata in this area. Different CTA try to get the user active in the projects.

Link of the Mitmachen-Bereich:

The document with further details and the pages which should be tracked can be found here

Campaign tags

There are nine different campaign tags:

  • Tracking start: 01.01.2021
  • until further notice

We will need to track..
(a) new registrations via the campaign tags
(b) editing behavior of new users
(c) impressions of onwiki pages via the campaign tags

Event Timeline

Hello Goran,

short introduction: I'm Merle from the Projects Team of Team Ideenförderung.

At the very last minute a request for tracking. Since I think it's a very "standard" tracking, I have hopes that you can make it work :)
If you like we can do a call together - would the beginning of January be enough or would you prefer to talk before? And of course you can ask questions directly to me in the doc.

If the schedule is too tight now with Christmas around the corner and the tracking start on 01.01.2021 is unrealistic, a tracking start no later than 10.01.2021 would also be okay.



Nice to meet you, Merle.

Since I think it's a very "standard" tracking...

Well, from the doc it does not look quite "standard"... The setup is standard, true, but the analysis might prove to be tricky. Let's meet this wee or in the beginning of the next week to discuss this campaign, please.

... a tracking start no later than 10.01.2021

It will not be a problem to start tracking on 01.01.2021.

Hey @GoranSMilovanovic,

Do you have time spontaneously today sometime between 15:30 and 17:00?
Alternatively, I can otherwise today from 18:00 again.
Tomorrow will be difficult for me :(

perfect - I will send you an invite via Google Hangout if that is okay for you :)

Hey, i created the account via one of the CTAs "Wmde-testuser-mitmachen" and clicked around and made one edit.
I hope it works :)


  • Pageviews tested, working;
  • Testing user registrations, edits now.

@Merle_von_Wittich_WMDE User registrations tested, found:

year    month   day     hour    campaign        userid  username
2020    12      21      11      WMDE_2021_mmb_3 3624020 Wmde-testuser-mitmachen

However, I've found two additional user registrations from the WMDE_2021_mmb_3 tag, one made on December 21, and another one from December 22. Given that the onset of the campaign is only January 1st 2021, I need to know do we plan to include this early registrations in our reporting. Thank you.

Testing user edits now.

@Merle_von_Wittich_WMDE Finally, user edits tested, all fine, found:

   actor_id actor_user              actor_name revactor_timestamp
1: 25380587    3624020 Wmde-testuser-mitmachen     20201221110725

and I have also found two more user edits made on behalf of one of the users mentioned in T270292#6711534, so we definitely need to know if early (i.e. December 2020) registrations count.


great that the tracking is working :)

diffult question -
The page has received a lot of response in the college, so it could be colleagues and that would be a bias. But through Twitter communication, we can't say that clearly. In the latter case, it would of course be interesting to track.

workaround: can we count them, but somehow keep them separate for now?
So one batch up to 31.12. and then one from 01.01.?


So one batch up to 31.12. and then one from 01.01.?

This is what happened up to 31.12.2020:

  • User registrations:

  • User edits:

The anonUserId field is the anonymized user Id: this field references one and the same user in userRegData.csv and userEdits.csv.

A regular cycle of daily updates starts today. Each day, we update the datasets with yesterdays' data, so that we begin on January 2nd by updating with the January 1st data.

The updates will be available online in the public data directory. This directory will always contain three files: the campaign pageviews dataset, the user registration dataset, and the user edits dataset.

The daily updates will be run in the early UTC hours.

NOTE. Since there were no campaign registrations in 2021 until now, only campaign pageviews will be reported until user registrations and revisions occur.

NOTE. 2021/01/02 and still no user registrations for this campaign. The pageviews dataset is update and available from the public data directory.

The update until 2021/01/05 is in the campaign public data directory: one user registration only, and still no edits.

The campaign update is available, but still no changes in user registrations and edits (no campaign edits).

@Merle_von_Wittich_WMDE The tracking procedures for this are in place and running smoothly. Do we need this ticket anymore?

Reminder: the datasets are found here (please bookmark).

@Merle_von_Wittich_WMDE @Christine_Domgoergen_WMDE @WMDE-leszek

Once again, please (see: T270292#6868628): do we need this ticket or shall it be resolved?

Apologies - resolved the ticket :)