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API key for the production 'wikimedia' VictorOps environment
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In order to fetch the list of open incidents in VictorOps, we need an API ID and API key for the 'wikimedia' environment, so we can call the GET /api-public/vi/incidents endpoint.

Happy to either have my account (username cdanis) be granted access to create such keys, or to simply be given an ID and key to use :)

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CDanis renamed this task from API key production 'wikimedia' VictorOps environment to API key for the production 'wikimedia' VictorOps environment.Dec 16 2020, 5:59 PM
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For now anything works I guess, but in the long run I can see more automation will be integrated with VO APIs and IMHO it would be nice to have a system user that we can use for that whose API token could live in the private puppet repo for example.
my 2 cents ;)

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An API key for klaxxon (discussed via IRC, that's what this is going to be used for, see linked task as well) has been created and added to the pwstore file 'victorops'.

Fwiw we can have up to 5 keys. Agreed re: using puppet private, and along with that we can have some keys dedicated for a certain use too.

Great, thanks!

I'll put this in puppet-private once I have the other puppetization ready :)