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Changing $wgLanguageCode breaks VisualEditor thumbnail image
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Problem occurred on 1.34 on advice updated to 1.35 got everything working again but same problem exist. When changing the $wgLanguageCode from 'en' to "nl" (dutch)
when i got to edit a page where there are images included. Visualeditor no longer shows the thumbnails only a blue broken thumb. When returing to the page the images are working fine. I think it has something todo with the dutch image syntax. When uploadingen it will create the dutch file name [[bestand]]image ect... when changing this back to [[file]] image ect in the source thumbnails are working again.

Can't visualeditor handle other language syntax? and if not how can i put my site in nl but keep visual editor working.

i need this because we are using the translate, universal translate extension. And when i dont have my site in nl it will automatically assume the page is en when it is in dutch.

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VisualEditor supports other languages just fine (try it out on Dutch Wikipedia), so I have no idea why it didn't work for you, sorry.

You're not supposed to change $wgLanguageCode once the wiki has been setup. This may be a cache problem