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Reproducible Internal Error: Null thread passed to linkInContextData
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Go to & click "20:19, 3 September 2010"

You get:
Null thread passed to linkInContextData
#0 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/extensions/LiquidThreads_alpha/classes/View.php(155): LqtView::linkInContextData(false, 'page')
#1 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/extensions/LiquidThreads_alpha/pages/ThreadHistoricalRevisionView.php(76): LqtView::linkInContextURL(false)
#2 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/extensions/LiquidThreads_alpha/pages/ThreadHistoricalRevisionView.php(62): ThreadHistoricalRevisionView->getChangeDescription()
#3 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/extensions/LiquidThreads_alpha/pages/ThreadHistoricalRevisionView.php(122): ThreadHistoricalRevisionView->showHistoryInfo()
#4 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/extensions/LiquidThreads_alpha/classes/Dispatch.php(85): ThreadHistoricalRevisionView->show()
#5 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/extensions/LiquidThreads_alpha/classes/Dispatch.php(184): LqtDispatch::threadPermalinkMain(Object(OutputPage), Object(Article), Object(Title), Object(StubUser), Object(WebRequest))
#6 [internal function]: LqtDispatch::tryPage(Object(OutputPage), Object(Article), Object(Title), Object(StubUser), Object(WebRequest), Object(MediaWiki))
#7 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/includes/Hooks.php(133): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#8 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/includes/Wiki.php(469): wfRunHooks('MediaWikiPerfor...', Array)
#9 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/includes/Wiki.php(70): MediaWiki->performAction(Object(OutputPage), Object(Article), Object(Title), Object(User), Object(WebRequest))
#10 /usr/local/apache/common-local/wmf-deployment/index.php(117): MediaWiki->performRequestForTitle(Object(Title), Object(Article), Object(OutputPage), Object(User), Object(WebRequest))
#11 /usr/local/apache/common-local/live-1.5/index.php(3): require('/usr/local/apac...')
#12 {main}

Version: unspecified
Severity: major



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Or choose either "19:56, 3 September 2010" or "20:18, 3 September 2010".

Also [[|Reply]] is not valid wiki syntax

This one goes to Adam.

Can this bug be closed? The liquidthreads-lab wiki isn't around any more, afaict.

Indeed, and I can't seem to reproduce that bug on other LQT installs anymore

2013-03-11 05:42:35 mediawiki-bw_: [3fee5ef8] /wiki/Thread:Project:Translator/_de_Deutsch_%E2%80%93_Deutsch_(2)?lqt_oldid=587 Exception from line 142 of /www/ Null thread passed to linkInContextData

Nemo: Is there a specific URL to see this problem on twn?

(In reply to comment #6)

Nemo: Is there a specific URL to see this problem on twn?

The URL mentioned in the error. :D
Moving to URL field.

sumanah wrote:

Asking Krenair to take a look since this is a blocker currently affecting Removing Adam Miller (email is no longer going to Adam anyway).

(In reply to comment #1)

Also [[|Reply]] is not valid wiki syntax

Related to bug 28138 comment 6? Probably another bug.

Still current, but I don't see what this is blocking.

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LiquidThreads has been replaced by StructuredDiscussions on all Wikimedia production wikis (except one, which will be done soon). It is no longer under active development or maintenance, so I'm re-classifying all open LQT tasks as "Lowest" priority.

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Change 383116 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nikerabbit; owner: Nikerabbit):
[mediawiki/extensions/LiquidThreads@master] Work around "Null thread passed to linkInContextData"

Change 383116 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/LiquidThreads@master] Work around "Null thread passed to linkInContextData"

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