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UploadWizard FlickrChecker fails on Flickr 'favorites' pages
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The code for mw.FlickrChecker.js suggests that it supports links to user favorite pages, but testing this in the UploadWizard times out.

As an example, this item is marked "no known copyright restrictions" and if pasted into UploadWizard is successfully recognized. It is on about twenty favourite lists; pasting any of these into UploadWizard fails, coming up with a spinning icon for an indefinite period.

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Looking into this a bit more, it seems to be down to a bug on line 79 of mw.FlickrChecker.js. This currently has:

userFavoritesMatches = flickrInputUrl.match( /flickr\.com\/(?:x\/t\/[^/]+\/)?photos\/([^/]+)\/favorites/ );

This seems to expect the URL to be of the form However, favorites URLs are currently of the form (with an optional /pageX suffix). USER can be a 'display' username or an internal 12345678@N00 type one.

Updating the regexp should hopefully allow it to match again.