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Acoustic maintenance notice: No need for Civi export
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Hi fr-tech,

I'm asking Trilogy to run some field deletion work amongst other routine database maintenance on the Acoustic side while we have an extended period of no emails going out. I will be deactivating Acoustic's nightly import jobs for _all_Wikimedia on Monday.

I've heard from @DStrine that it would be beneficial to pause sending over the "DatabaseUpdate-" export while we do this. We are only doing the maintenance on _all_Wikimedia and will leave the Master Suppression list alone, but please let me know if pausing "DatabaseUpdate" will also affect the unsubscribes export.

Thinking ahead, I'll have to remap the database after maintenance when I'm back in office on Jan 11th, and I think that time window nicely matches up with ticket T269294. I could remap the database with the three new fields at the same time, if it's ready. How does this sound to you?

Please let me know if there's any questions or concerns, thanks!

Event Timeline

Talked with fr-tech about this phab on standup. Fr-tech cannot split up the civi export "bundle" (without extra coding work) and there's no real need for fr-tech to stop sending the files. We agreed to keep the exports running as is, and I will have Acoustic catch up when I'm back around on Jan 11th.

We will all come back together and sync on Matching Gifts in January.

In sum, no action needed for this task - just an FYI that Acoustic is under maintenance over the holidays! Thanks!

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