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Remove onboarding screens.
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Get rid of current onboarding screens(About Wikipedia, Information about language diversity, and a number of articles available). Users would still need to agree to our terms and services before start using the app.

Note: This change is applicable for Jio and KaiOS.

  • Remove language(order number 2) & get free knowledge( order number 3) screen from existing onboarding flow.
  • Keep About Wikipedia as a welcome screen but remove pagination circles from it.
  • Open legal text as a popup on top of the home screen. Users won't be able to use the app until they Agree to the T&S. They can open terms and policies using LSK and RSK.
  • The title on the popup to read "Privacy & Terms"
  • Use Opensans typeface for the copy of Privacy & Terms popup.

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@SGautam_WMF is there something else to specify here or is it purely the removal of the onboarding screens on first launch? If that's all, feel free to move to "ready for dev".

@SBisson Yes, more specifications to come as there will be a change to the design of the legal terms and conditions screen.

AMuigai triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 18 2020, 4:33 PM

Thanks, @AMuigai, @SBisson What constraints do you think we would have if we decide to use Wikipedia wordmark on the terms and services screen? I can think of some of them, using device memory to handle wordmark files, wordmark availability in regional languages, and the copy is not fitting well on a single screen.

@SGautam_WMF we don't have the localized workmarks in the app yet. There's a task for that: T260366: Localize wordmark in last section of article in KaiOS app

The main issue I see is the available space. It's already very tight without it.

I've merged the PR so we can clear the conflicts with PR #313