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Add itwiki support to WikiWho
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As it should now be possible, users on the Italian Wikipedia would like to have access to Who Wrote That and WikiWho.

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Hello, @ValeJappo! Thank you for filing this request! Unfortunately, we can only display the data and analysis that we get from the WhoColor API. Currently, WhoColor is only available for English, German, Basque, Turkish, and Spanish Wikipedia. With that being said, we're would also love to see if WWT can be expanded to other wikis, which comes down to the WhoColor API. If the maintainers of the API expand to more languages, such as Italian, we would be happy to add that support to WWT, but it's not something we could do ourselves.

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Renewing the request as it should now be possible, as WikiWho has been transferred on Wikimedia servers

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PR merged and initial XML import script is running. It should take around 24 hours to complete.

Done! Italian Wikipedia is now supported. Clients such as Who-Wrote-That and XTools will be updated in the coming days. Closing as resolved.