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Improve monitoring of Gerrit's memory usage
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Follow-up from T270451: Gerrit is OOMing and all the other times Gerrit (or gerrit-replica) OOMs and requires a restart. Users report getting 502 errors when trying to clone/pull and it becomes very sluggish if it is able to respond. Ideally monitoring would detect when it's close to OOMing, so it can be restarted before users actually experience errors

Notes from IRC:

 16:30:05 <+thcipriani> legoktm: we have a monitoring of but we start to hit parallel stop-the-world GC events degrading performance before that explodes
 16:34:07 <+thcipriani> this would probably be the metric to add alerting on:
 16:35:19 <+thcipriani> that's typically in the 10s of milliseconds, once it's above 100ms that typically is enough impact for people to notice slowness

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