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Make spoof-ooui-buttons less overzealously progressive
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Only, like, some of them should be progressive. Not every one on the page.

See action-history. That's... kind of not good.

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Okay, looks like hassomecolours has at least some of the right idea for applying the overrides consistently even to mw-ui-buttons, we just need... a more neutral version too and to only apply the progressive styles to submits, I guess...

Alternately we could also just stop overriding mw-ui-buttons beyond the usual padding etc; those are almost the same anyway? Or are they the same, I have no idea, I went and overrode everything...

Given most form pages don't have all that many buttons, just defaulting all submits to be progressive may still be fine as long as they behave consistently; action=history with everything and the dog enabled looks pretty weird regardless.

Timeless just needs the styles updated to fully work...