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Wikipedia Library does not reflect account expirations
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Under the "Individual access" tab under "My Library" it says that I have access to and However, my access to both expired earlier this year (as I was only given a 1-year complimentary account on each). It would be nice if my account on Wikipedia Library reflected this.

Note that this also prevents me from being able to re-apply to those partners.

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kaldari renamed this task from "My Library" in Wikipedia Library does not reflect account expirations to Wikipedia Library does not reflect account expirations.Dec 21 2020, 9:14 PM
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The core issue here is that when partners distribute accounts to users on an individual basis (i.e. not via proxy), we don't have a clear understanding of when that account expires. In some cases we know approximately (in the case of it's ~1 year from approval time) so we can send renewal reminder emails, but providing a fixed date or direct information about the status of individually granted access is challenging.

That said, you should still be able to file for a renewal of this account at any time. I notice that I also can't renew my access, which looks to be a bug.