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Wikimedia Italia's Kanboard: try plugin-budget
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Since some weeks, in Wikimedia Italia they adopted Kanboard to have something internal and simpler and cuter (presumable omissis: than Phabricator) to have everything and every progress at a glance etc. they know.

That Kanboard instance is in use by the staff and their current project manager.

That Kanboard instance is currently hosted in the same server hosting

That Kanboard instance is available here:


The project manager wants to try the adoption of this plugin:

This Task is about the installation, discussion and adoption of that plugin.

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WARNING: I'm working on this now to celebrate my Christmas holidays 🎉
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I've downloaded the plugin up to this commit:

And I've uploaded the plugin as follow:

scp -r Budget wmi-kanboard:/www/kanboard/plugins

Now it appears as installed as version 1.0.9:

Now. The user documentation is here:

Let's test this plugin and feel free to re-open if it does not fit our needs or if some pages are exploding since this activation.

Note we have contacted the upstream developer here with this dummy pull request: