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Reset 2FA for User:KCVelaga on OTRS-wiki
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I have lost the authentication device which had keys for both and OTRS-wiki. The scratch codes doesn't seem to be working. Please reset or temporarily disable 2FA for this account for OTRS.

Let me know if you need any other information. I will shortly be sending an email to


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Hmm, who can revoke OTRS 2FA? Does it require shell access?

Hmm, who can revoke OTRS 2FA? Does it require shell access?

It appears that OTRS admins can (see T122220#6471163 and subsequent comments), though I have no idea if there's a process in place or if it's ever been done. The closest to concrete instructions I see in that thread mentions making a post at AR on OTRSwiki, though that seems difficult if you lose the access device for everything (as seems to have happened here).

Ah, thanks for the link. I guess the right process would be to wait for T&S for reset otrswiki 2FA, and OTRS 2FA can be handled via otrswiki noticeboard.

T&S has verified the authenticity of this request and we have disabled the 2FA for KCVelaga on otrs_wiki. Leaving the other account for OTRS admins to handle. Thanks.

Aklapper renamed this task from Reset 2FA for User:KCVelaga for OTRS to Reset 2FA for User:KCVelaga on OTRS-wiki.Dec 31 2020, 1:45 PM
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I have no idea where or how OTRS things are handled, but I'd say the Znuny tag in Phabricator should be for technical OTRS configuration and code stuff, and not for individual social checks...

You may want to try . Boldly resolving this ticket for the wiki part. Also see T122220.

A message on administrators request page on OTRS-Wiki helped. Everything is fine now. Thank you.