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Disable 2FA for SUL user `Kiran Gopi`
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HI, I am User:Kiran_Gopi, and I wish to disable my two-factor authentication as my phone got reset and I lost the 2FA code generator. I already sent an email to Wikimedia Trust and Safety team. I am still logged in and I can make edits as well.

Please see my confirmation here.


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DannyS712 renamed this task from Please disable my 2Factor Authentication to Disable 2FA for SUL user `Kiran Gopi`.Dec 29 2020, 12:54 AM
Nahid added a subscriber: Nahid.

Hello @Kiran_Gopi, I don't see your email in Trust and Safety's inbox. Can you send them again? Thanks.

Hello @Nahid I resend the email, please check and confirm. Thank You.