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[dumps] Review backup strategy
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The dumps cloud vps project instances are quite heavy (500GB each), currently we are experiencing a shortage of storage for the backups so we have to figure out what's the need (if any) and to what degree we want to backup those vms.

@Nemo_bis, @Hydriz: as admins of the project, can you give insight on what's stored on the VMs and what's the impact of losing one of them? Thanks!

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Thanks for creating this task. Currently, dumps-1 to dumps-5 do not need to be backed up at all (especially @Andrew mentioned in T159930#5234371 that we should delete and re-create the instances often). Likely in the future, any instances of dumps-[1-9] do not need any backups (or really any instance with the type dumps-temporary-file-storage).

However, dumps-0 is the one that holds important data, that instance should be backed up if possible.

Awesome, thanks! I'll do that then in the next patch :)

Change 654196 had a related patch set uploaded (by David Caro; owner: David Caro):
[operations/puppet@production] wmcs.backup: ignore all dumps backups except dumps-0

Change 654196 merged by David Caro:
[operations/puppet@production] wmcs.backup: ignore all dumps backups except dumps-0

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-01-05T10:40:48Z] <dcaro> removing dumps-[1..*] backups from cloudvirt1024 as they are not needed (T271094)